Temporary Help for broken Login link for the Intuit Quickbooks Site

I tried to login and couldn’t. Their site is broken. I called  the phone number for sales listed on their site.  The recorded message said to refresh the cache. I used Incognito and new browsers,  and still that did not work.

I navigated their phone system, which after hitting #4 (all other questions) was told that was not valid.

It took me to a new menu, which #3 was now for all other questions.

Approximate wait time? 30 minutes.

So I messed around and found a way in.

Hopefully, this post will help others who are on hold for 30 minutes or so, still trying to get in.

Hoping this login link for Quickbooks helps at least 1 other person.

If you try and it no longer works, they may have changed it. Please contact me and let me know so I can update this post.

It makes me wonder…

How did they not test for this?

How many others are trying to do time sensitive work and cannot login?

If you are curious how I got this info, it was by looking at their code.

Here is a screencast showing how I was able to get past the issue and login.


Click screenshot for a bigger view.

screenshot of the Intuit Quickbooks site being broken - login link does not work

Examples of bad UI or UX