Karmoxie Consulting Featured in the TribLive

On Friday January 17, 2014, Karmoxie Consulting was featured in the Valley News Dispatch and on the TribLive website. Karmoxie created the website for the new Alle Kiski Strong Chamber which is a merger of the Allegheny Valley Chamber of Commerce (AVCC), Strongland Chamber, and Armstrong chambers.

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Karmoxie Consulting has had a relationship with the AVCC helping them with to gain better control of their website so that they could easily make changes.

Our website was being held hostage by the company that designed the site. There were so many pieces of the site that I could not update and it was very frustrating to not be able to deliver the best in technology services to our membership. Judy from Karmoxie Consulting took all of that frustration away. She worked within the guidelines that I gave to her and worked with me to make our site the tool that it needed to be. Once converted, the site was easy to update and Judy was just an email away with the answers and support for my questions. Truly, a technology enabler, there is no better consultation than that received from Karmoxie! – President of Allegheny Valley Chamber of Commerce

At that time, the site was converted to WordPress and custom programming was done to make sure that  it was programmatic changes only, and Judy Lipinski, owner of Karmoxie was happy to be a part of the redesign.

“We are very glad to be a part of online marketing for the new Alle Kiski Strong Chamber. “says Judy Lipinski, owner and principal consultant of Karmoxie.

The Alle Kiski Strong site is now useable on mobile devices. There are features which allow the community to support local businesses – such as being able to quickly and easily like the Facebook pages the members Facebook pages.  

Karmoxie also has been involved in teaching technology courses through the chamber on topics such as social media, constant contact. 

We are helping the Alle Kiski Strong chamber to grow their online presence and are training the staff how to efficiently use LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google Docs”,

Karmoxie has been working with large corporations since it was founded in 2008, and has a mission to bring that knowledge and level of service to small and medium sized businesses. Working with the chamber has brought the opportunity to work with community organizations and businesses in the local area.

Karmoxie has developed a set of tools and software that can be used by chambers of commerce to manage their membership and promote member organizations.

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