Help Us Brainstorm (Thought Shower) Fun Job Titles

We are looking for fun job titles that convey our employees are positive people who generate good “Karma” and have the “Moxie” to complete assigned tasks and be driven to make process improvements, increase productivity, and care about our clients.

Why contribute your ideas for fun job titles?

In thanks for your participation, there will be a public thank you on the website. You can choose to promote your favorite website, business or service, and you will get free e-books of your choice from Amazon.

How do you submit your ideas?

This is being done as an example of using Google Docs for an upcoming class. So please contribute now! If you are interested in learning more check out this page on Google Apps for business. Deadline for public thank you’s will be Sunday, March 24th. You can always submit and change your website choice later.

This promotion is over. Thank you for participating!


How we will use these fun job titles

    Karmoxie will be advertising new positions for:

  • research and administrative assistants
  • web designers and developers
  • sales
  • customer support

The Karmoxie business card showing wordpress, twitter, facebook, linkedin, mail, android, iOS, Java and Oracle - the job title is missing and says Insert Interesting Fun Job Title Here

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