frequently asked questions

How is Karmoxie different?

We are a technology company that provides both solutions and training.

Much of the tech we use is updated every 6 months, sometimes more frequently. Since we are developers as well as educators, our courses are developed in a way that reflect what we wish we had available when we were learning the ins and outs of new technologies.

You save time by hearing about lessons we’ve already learned while taking new versions for a spin around the block, giving you a faster ramp up and easier transition.

Instead of courses that simply repeat publicly available documentation, our students learn the practical application of fundamentals, applying concepts to real-world scenarios.

The fact that we get to know your team also sets us apart.  We offer uniquely customized curriculum and teaching methods to ensure your team will learn exactly what they need to know, absorb material faster and be productive.

You are pulling employees out of their day-to-day projects. With Karmoxie, you are sure the time is well spent and your team returns to work Desk Ready.

Who does Karmoxie work with?

Karmoxie has been providing IT consulting and training for more than eleven years, delivering software solutions and bootcamps at Fortune 50 corporations, chambers of commerce and growing companies all over the world.

What course materials do you include?

Course materials are shared electronically or in print.  The code used during the courses is also available. We make sure students are equipped after the class to continue reviewing demos, refer to reference architectures, and revisit class exercises for practice.

What delivery options do you offer?

We are experienced in delivering in-person and remote training.  Our courses are customized ensuring that both remote and onsite IT training experiences are equally stimulating and valuable.

At Karmoxie, we customize each class according to the method of delivery, ensuring that both remote and onsite are equally stimulating and valuable.

Onsite, you provide a quiet conference room and standard AV options.

Whether it’s in-person or online, your team is responsible for bringing their curiosity, mental focus, and off-the-grid, dedicated time.  We provide the knowledge, customized curriculum and ramp-up reference documents so they’ll be immediately fluent and capable (and profitable for your company) using their new skills.

What are your instructors' qualifications?

Our instructors have experience not only as technical instructors but also as hands-on practitioners. Because of this, Karmoxie instructors understand challenges their students face as they become Desk Ready.  Instructors are able to connect with your team with insight and empathy.

Can courses be customized?

Yes! At Karmoxie, we offer customized curriculum and teaching methods. We work with team leads and architects to ensure your team has the skills they need –  we plan course flow and custom materials that align with your team’s goals.

Your team will learn precisely what they need to know, absorb material faster and be productive.

What time are classes?

The short answer: whenever you would like! Typically times run from 9 a.m. until 4:30 p.m. (remote classes during the same hours based on your local time zone). We often provide remote training for teams spread across the world. In those cases, we work with you to choose a time and time zone that is least disruptive to everyone involved.

What if we need something you don’t teach?

Let us know what you are looking for.  We have courses that we do not run frequently and are not featured on our website.

Over the years we have developed relationships with other training providing vendors. If you are looking for a course that we do not currently offer, we can help match you to a vendor with known good quality materials.

We heard you have a soft spot for humanitarians?

Yes. We do project work for Fortune 50 corporations, and we love helping large and small organizations that are focused on helping humanity through social enterprise.  If your nonprofit or organization has a project we can help tackle, contact us.


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Whether you require technology training or technology solutions, Karmoxie has the expertise for you.