How to get a Facebook Vanity URL / Username

You really should set a Facebook Vanity URL for each of your Facebook pages. I was advising a client and thought I’d share post this information publicly – hoping you might find it useful.

What are Facebook Vanity URLs?

Your vanity URL or username is a way to easily identify your Facebook Page.

Instead of having a long random number to identify your page: what is this?!?!?!

make it pretty….
(this is my chamber of commerce.)

It used to be that you needed to first get 100 or 25 “likes”. No longer true!
(unless Facebook changes their minds after this posting)

Why should you get a Vanity URL?

Having a Vanity URL makes it look nicer when you are sharing your Facebook URL. It’s also easily recognizable as YOUR organization/band/company when you put it into your email signature or business cards. Plus, its shorter and easier to share.

Recommendations on setting your Vanity URL

If your organization’s name is available, and isn’t very long, it is a great choice and furthers your brand. If an abbreviation makes sense, you can go with that – but the URL must be at least 5 characters.

How to get your Vanity URL

1. As an admin for the page, go to the Facebook Page. You can do this by first logging in to your personal account, and then searching for the page in the search bar.

2. Click on Resources

3. Click Select a Username

4. Check to see if the name is available

Screen which checks availability for Facebook Vanity URL

5. If it is available, and you are really really sure (remember you only get 1 chance to change) then confirm the name.


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The URL?  of course!

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