Expand your mind, and your wallet

What is your passion or new found interest?
Project Management, technology, business strategies, wordpress, gardening, puppies?
Google of course can be an incredibly helpful resource, but sometimes you want to have a book to mull over, to disconnect from the Interwebs and submerge yourself into the pages of a good resource book.

What’s stopping you?

  • No time to ride your bike or drive to the bookstore, only to find you don’t like any of the books?
  • No room on your bookshelves or desire to spend a lot of cash?

If you have Moxie, and are a knowledge geek, you may want several resources and this can start to become costly.

Here are two options I’d like to suggest:

The Library

Hopefully you live in an area as nice as Allegheny County, Pennsylvania. Our library system is hooked in to EINetwork – I can search online, and have books delivered to my local library.
The maximum books allowed out is 50, and I have come close on a few occasions. Most libraries also offer CDs, DVDs, etc.
When I studied for my PMP Certification, I was able to get all the books I needed from the library system.  Just dont be THAT guy/gal. A previous patron had marked all the answers in the sample tests of the Head First PMP Exam book that I had borrowed.

If you must write notes, or like my husband, like to dangerously read books in the hot tub,  consider Amazon.


I joined as a Prime member, and LOVE it. Its $70 per year, but you can get special deals, and free shipping – usually 3 days. When you absolutely cant wait, like when I wanted my copy of the Four Hour Body, I paid $3.99 to have it next day delivery. Some cities, such as Phoenix and New York, even offer same day delivery. Beats spending the gas money! Plus you can browse books online and other’s reviews to get a sense for if you will like the book. Or products – we used Amazon for our wedding registry and it worked out perfectly. ¬†Here is a link to more info on the Amazon Prime program.


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