Google docs table of contents with page numbers – now available!

So excited to see that Google finally updated Google Docs Table of Contents with page numbers!  This has been a thorn in my side for a while, and caused extra work when needing to create table for contents for print.

I was using Google Doc to organize my notes while watching a Google IO video.  I just saw this feature now, and was excited to share!  If you are like me, this is a nice update to help keep the table of contents organized with page numbers.Screenshot showing the new option google docs table of contents with page numbers


I will still be using the blue link option mostly – it just makes sense when viewing on a web page.  So for my own notes and research, I can just keep using the blue links.

However, it is now going to be such a time saving to be able to use the page numbers option in the table of contents when I need to generate Table of Contents for our exercise manuals, or lengthy printed proposals!

It used to be an annoying task to keep that straight!


How to Figure Out a Font And It’s Pretty Simple!

Have you ever wanted or needed to know how to figure out a font?

Sometimes you might lose  an original file, whether it be a document, jpeg, photoshop document, etc, and can’t figure out the original font.  This has happened to me on a number of occasions… I recently needed to modify an image and opened it to only realize I lost the separate layers on photoshop and couldn’t remember the original font. I have even seen advertisements in magazines and loved the font and wanted to figure out what type it was. Finally I got some moxie, researched, and these tools…

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How to Learn Project Management

Years ago a friend who recently graduated with an MBA asked me for resources on how to learn project management, as she started her career as a project manager.  Even though I had worked for Andersen Consulting – now Accenture – and they had wanted to me to move into project management before I left,  I just did not have a process to approach Project Management. It’s something I just did based upon how I observed others doing it, sometimes wanting to do the exact opposite.  This is the article I wish I would have read back then.

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Expand your mind, and your wallet

What is your passion or new found interest?
Project Management, technology, business strategies, wordpress, gardening, puppies?
Google of course can be an incredibly helpful resource, but sometimes you want to have a book to mull over, to disconnect from the Interwebs and submerge yourself into the pages of a good resource book.

What’s stopping you?

  • No time to ride your bike or drive to the bookstore, only to find you don’t like any of the books?
  • No room on your bookshelves or desire to spend a lot of cash?

If you have Moxie, and are a knowledge geek, you may want several resources and this can start to become costly.

Here are two options I’d like to suggest:

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Drop Box: Sync Your Computers

Sync Your Computers

The Problem:

Have you ever had files on multiple computers and faced the chore of emailing, using thumb drives, or burning CD’s to move files back and forth? Even if you have worked out a time-consuming system to do this, how organized was it? Did you know which directory to go to on which machine to find files? Did you know where the latest version was located?

The Solution:

In researching different mechanisms for file sharing and for online backups, I found Dropbox to be the type of application that I just had to tell all my friends about. It’s perfect to sync your computers.

The Process:

1. Sign up for a FREE account and get 4G of storage online. (in the cloud) Use this referral link and get an EXTRA 250Mb free.
2. Link all desired computers to this account. Any files you put into the DropBox folder will be updated on all computers.

Reason this rocks and can help your productivity:

  1. Keep a consistent ordering of directories and files on each machine. (my favorite feature)
  2. If your hard drive fails – you have a back up of your important files.
  3. You can sync your song files
  4. Create links to files you wish to share with others
  5. Recover stolen laptops by uploading files to drop box that synch when the thief connect your laptop to the internet – capturing their keystrokes
  6. You can set up one development environment and have i be consistent as you move form one computer to another

Some write that they are concerned about security. The company claims to keep your information private by encrypting it. If you are really concerned, you can still use it, just implement your own security encryption as well.