How to Learn Project Management

Years ago a friend who recently graduated with an MBA asked me for resources on how to learn project management, as she started her career as a project manager.  Even though I had worked for Andersen Consulting – now Accenture – and they had wanted to me to move into project management before I left,  I just did not have a process to approach Project Management. It’s something I just did based upon how I observed others doing it, sometimes wanting to do the exact opposite.  This is the article I wish I would have read back then.

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How to Learn Java

As a programmer, team lead, corporate trainer, and manager – I have been very fortunate to witness beginners get excited about mastering concepts of programming, and specifically Java. It is so rewarding to see those light bulbs go off.

I am often asked what are good resources on how to learn Java.
Here are tips I offer in my classes.

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