Google’s Mobile-Friendly SEO Update

At the end of April 2015, Google Search has included whether your site is mobile friendly as a factor in where your site ranks against your competitors.

More and more, your potential customers are using mobile devices to search the web. You may have found yourself searching for a business location or researching using your smart phone.

Do you know how many of your visitors are connecting via mobile devices? You should! We typically advise and train our clients to use Google Analytics to not only know which browsers and operating systems people are using, but where they are located geographically. This can help to make additional decisions such as marketing and content to include on your website.


Due to the increased usage of mobile devices, and Google’s new Search factors, this change has a significant impact on your site’s ability to rank on mobile devices.

For a webpage to be mobile-friendly, text has to be readable without tapping and zooming, tap targets need to be spaced out appropriately, and the page should not have unplayable content or horizontal scrolling. In a study done this year, it was found that over 40% of Fortune 500 websites are not mobile-friendly.

Important Facts About Google’s Mobile-Friendly SEO Update

  • There will be no impact on your current desktop ranking
  • Only searches done on mobile smartphone devices will be impacted (not tablets)
  • The algorithm is on a page by page basis, some webpages may be mobile friendly while others are not
  • Changes made to your site will be picked up by Google in real time

Find out if your website is mobile-friendly here.

You will get a report. If you do not get an awesome message such as shown below, be sure to contact us today to get your site mobile friendly!





Improve Search Skills

Improve Search Skills

Improve Search Skills

With billions of results, and countless combinations of search terms, it can be tricky to efficiently and quickly find what you are looking for on the internet. Whether you are trying to find a delicious recipe, check your math homework, or find a specific tax document, there are many ways that  improve search skills today with Google Search!

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Facebook is stopping Notes – which many bloggers use

Many of my friends and clients use the Notes feature as a way to import content from their blogs automatically.

Facebook has announced that they are disabling the Notes feature – and have promised

“We’re focused on creating even better tools for Pages. Look for announcements soon.”

I am very interested in seeing what Facebook does next.

Facebook, the continuously changing, frustrating to predict, and cant complain too much because it is Free, tool.
I will be sure to email those on the subscription list once new strategies emerge.

In a way, I am a little glad. I personally like to drive traffic directly to the blog posts, where comments can be made rather than receive the comments on Facebook’s notes section directly.

What are your thoughts?

Questions to Ask Before Hiring A Web Development Company

We have been there too.

You are relying on a company or contractor for a pressing deadline and you are given all the assurances that everything is under control.
Then you find out “IT” isn’t ready yet or you get it and “IT” doesn’t work.

“IT” can be a website, a software solution, graphics, requirements…whatever.

Of course, as with most problems, risk can be averted by good communication. But how can you discuss these things if you yourself are not technical?

Here are some questions that we have compiled that should be answered with confidence before you proceed with hiring a web development company.

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