How to Figure Out a Font And It’s Pretty Simple!

Have you ever wanted or needed to know how to figure out a font?

Sometimes you might lose  an original file, whether it be a document, jpeg, photoshop document, etc, and can’t figure out the original font.  This has happened to me on a number of occasions… I recently needed to modify an image and opened it to only realize I lost the separate layers on photoshop and couldn’t remember the original font. I have even seen advertisements in magazines and loved the font and wanted to figure out what type it was. Finally I got some moxie, researched, and these tools…

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How to get rid of low toner messages and save money

Ever need to finish a print job, and at the worst possible moment, your printer decides to go on strike, telling you that your toner has run out, even though you have a fairly new cartridge?

Or maybe, like me, you have seen “Magenta toner is low”, but you just wish to print in black and white? It is a bit silly to not be able to print in black and white due to a magenta toner low message. On some printers though, you cannot get past this message. It was not easy to search and find an answer to get my printer back to work. Once I did figure it out, I wanted to post the steps not just to help us remember, but to help others do printer toner resets.

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Business Cyber Monday Deals from Karmoxie and Others

Happy Week after Thanksgiving!

Hopefully your last week has been filled with family and friends, and relaxation.
As you sift through your emails today, you may find a lot of marketing for Cyber Monday Deals.

This post highlights 3 deals that you may find very helpful to your office or business.

Cyber Monday Deal #1 – Monday only

Logo of Best of the Web, and online directory submission

By using the special code CYBER50 you get 50% of the normal cost of listing.
$75 yearly instead of $150 – or a one-time only cost of $149.95 instead of $299

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How to Learn Project Management

Years ago a friend who recently graduated with an MBA asked me for resources on how to learn project management, as she started her career as a project manager.  Even though I had worked for Andersen Consulting – now Accenture – and they had wanted to me to move into project management before I left,  I just did not have a process to approach Project Management. It’s something I just did based upon how I observed others doing it, sometimes wanting to do the exact opposite.  This is the article I wish I would have read back then.

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How to Learn Java

As a programmer, team lead, corporate trainer, and manager – I have been very fortunate to witness beginners get excited about mastering concepts of programming, and specifically Java. It is so rewarding to see those light bulbs go off.

I am often asked what are good resources on how to learn Java.
Here are tips I offer in my classes.

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